The Sunday Basket

Save 5 hours a week!

Initially the Sunday Basket® seems to be about managing paper. The REAL DEAL is it manages TIME. Full transparency: I had created an effective paper/time management system on my own years ago and like most Sunday Basket® converts, I made a DIY version first.

I too found that there was more to this system than meets the eye. Yes, it's simple, but it's also full of deep thought, practical application and input from hundreds of professional organizers and Sunday Basket® users. It wasn't long before I ordered "the real thing" and reaped countless hours of sanity and productivity.

This is a well thought out and quality product that comes with video and live support. The Organize 365 products were such a spot on fit to my SMARTcut Organizing work that I quickly became fully certified to teach and support Sunday Basket® owners.

Sunday Basket sold separately. My referral link* and the zoom link are included in the confirmation email. Allow one week for US delivery. Choose the date and time from the registration link below.

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