SMART ways to take shortcuts to save TIME, SPACE, and ENERGY!

Organize 365® empowers individuals to learn the functional skills of home and paper organization so that they have time to pursue their passions and share their talents with the world.


Since the early 1980‘s Debbye Cannon has coached overwhelmed people internationally. With a diversified background as a military wife, mother, home educator, caregiver, grandmother, entrepreneur she’ll show you SMART ways to take SHORT cuts to have more time, space and energy each and (almost) everyday. Her clients often refer to her as the “Fairy Godmother” of productivity. Debbye will make your life “simply brilliant!”

Paper Solution Retreat

Get three hours of guidance, accountability and fun friends to tackle organizing all the paper you have on your counters, tabletops, files, boxes and bags. You've likely got stacks of things you can shred, recycle and organize.

The Sunday Basket®

Got a pile on your kitchen counter of bills, school papers, coupons, to do lists, work paper? My favorite tool for maintaining productivity is to use the Sunday Basket. I know, it doesn’t look too complicated. You may want to DIY one. I did. It’s not the same! There is soooo much more than what you see.

Medical Reference Binder Workshop

Do you or a loved one need well organized medical information quickly available for medical professionals? Having this information in a hard copy for you, family or friends to help you get accurate care is vital. $75 Binder + one workshop session. Referral link in confirmation email.

Financial Reference Binder Workshop

Having the details of all things financial handy when you need them is a stress-buster for you and anyone who needs to advise, account or represent you financially. $75 Binder + one workshop session. Referral link in confirmation email.

Meals Simplified

One of the smartest of all SMARTcuts is to create a repeating meal plan. If you are weary of hearing (or thinking) "What's for dinner?" you won't want to miss this workshop! Come learn how I've mastered meals. $25

Preparedness Simplified

A manageable, concise resource to guide your family's preparations for "unexpected events." This workshop series will help you get started without brain fog or breaking the bank.

Kitchen Simplified

Could you use some professional guidance to reorganize your kitchen to improve functionality? Such a great feeling to "update" without breaking the bank.

Friday Workbox Retreat

Ready to take your work to the next level of productivity? People everywhere are discovering this efficient system to bring clarity, focus and order to the chaos of daily home or beyond.